DJ Professional Advance

DJ PROFESSIONAL Advance is composed by 7 modules (known as racks). Their description is located lower on this page. To view the full screen image click onto the small preview.

All main controls for the audio sources (CUE, Play, Rewind, Forward, FX OFF).
Monitors the audio level, BPM, start & end time, visual beat structure, loops, CUE point, selected CUE, spin-mix etc. 
Has 4 sub-monitors: Beat Structure, Wave-Form, VU-meter, Equalizer, Magnetizer, Enhancer, Dynamic Frequency Graph.
Autopilot to beat match tracks (bpm & phase).
Selective BPM Analyzer for each side.
2 modes to adjust the BPM: Master Tempo & Pitch.
Pitch Shift (Key change).

The 4 different sub-monitor panels are described more in details below.

LEFT (1st panel):
Beat structure for the entire song.
Yellow line represents the BPM stability.
Count down to the next beat change in the rhythm.
Visual beat (the red block).
Running wave-form.
RIGHT (2nd panel):
Beat structure for the entire song.
Yellow line represents the BPM stability.
Count down to the next beat change in the rhythm.

LEFT (3rd panel):
Above: static frequency equalizer curve.
Below: 7 band equalizer.
RIGHT (4th panel):
Graph representing dynamically amplified frequencies.
Enhancer (hybrid between frequency exciter & normalizer).
Magnetizer (Fletcher-Munson method).

Provides access to all tracks in the archive.
Provides direct access to the hard disk, network mapped drives and CD drives (CDA and MP3).
Browse & Search tracks by BPM, title or artist name.
Get-BPM macro runs through the archive and computes the BPM (also customizable).
Time/Branch column is switchable.
Sub-groups (followed by the sub-sub groups) appear at the bottom.

Loops at the top: 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1, , , 1/8.
6x CUE points (mix start) with fine adjustments.
Each CUE module has 5 programs to customize its desired behavior (Normal,No Sync,Hold Stop, Hold Jump, Hold Run.).
6x effects to modify the sound in real time.
Hold - enables Loops, CUE points and Backplay to maintain a virtual play cursor running forward while executing.
P - it waits for the loop to finish, then it links the play cursor to a selected CUE point and continues.
Single arrow left / right - moves the loop sequence up / down the track.
Jump 16 beat backwards and remain in sync.

Touch-pad with 3 frequency modulation effects (Space Twist, Soft Touch,Resonance Filter on both sides).
Beat-Braker (both sides). Memorize 4 different beat-games.
Spin-Mix , BPM pitch-range from 80% to +100% for both decks simultaneously with the use of the spin-mix slider.
Equalizer Kill's: Low, Mid, High and OFF button.
Go Left / Right buttons to automatically go through the entire spin-mix process in a number of steps defined at the left.
Loops at the top.

Creates automated and MIXED play lists (for pubs, restaurants, radios, etc).
Multiple load is possible. Thus, to load a new play list on top of the existing one.
Wait-lists can be saved into a file (playlist file) and even automatically launched at the startup.
Set the IN (CUE-1) and OUT (CUE-6) MIX point.
Each wait list has a monitor for its duration time and number of tracks.

8 Sampler modules capable to mix-in 8 different samples simultaneously.
Each module offers many features: Record, Editable Title, Adjustable CUE Point, Play, Loop, Hold (behaves like piano).
In addition to that, also: the Kill Equalizer for Low, Mid & High, Adjustable Volume and Adjustable Phase.
Each module can be individually saved and later reloaded.
Sample storage (containing saved samples) is located at the left side.

Selects one of the 5 sub-racks.